We Love Parties at Legacy!

At Legacy, we specialize in small to medium sized parties for all occasions for ages 3 to adult. In addition to our lovely horses, we also have a party room, oven and refrigerator access, a patio for the nice weather and access to a large outdoor play area for outdoor games and sledding in the snow. The use of helmets is included in all prices. Decorating, party supplies, loot bags and clean-up can be supplied at a nominal additional cost.

***Please note that party requests will be accepted on a case-by-case basis at this time with a maximum of 6 guests.***


Pony Party

This includes the use of 1 to 4 ponies and/or horses. No maximum to party attendees.

Available to ages 3 and up. Prices start at $35.00.

Introductory Party

A chance to learn about grooming, tacking up with a mini-lesson. Available to ages 5 and up.

Maximum of 8 attendees. Prices start at $25.00/child.

Lesson Party

Grooming, tack-up, lesson and treats. Available to ages 7 and up.

Maximum of 6 guests. Prices start at $40.00/child.

Fun & Games Party

A lesson and games on horseback! Available to ages 7 and up.

Maximum of 6 guests. Prices start at $45.00/child.

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We're always interested to help with new and exciting parties when possible.Surprise parties, a photo shoot, etc. Send us your thoughts and we'll do our best to work with you.