2018-2019 Calendar

***Note that we will be open on all PA Days in YRDSB, DDSB and TDSB. Please contact us for camp availability.***

Show and Clinic dates for off-property events will be be posted as they become available.

September 5th - 30th    Fall Lesson Special

September 16th             Trailblazers Show

October 20th                   RCRA Dressage Show

November 17th               Vaulting Clinic

November 17th-19th     Fall Weekend Camp

December 2nd                Christmas Open House/Stall                                                           Decorating

Dec 5th to Jan 5th          Winter Lesson Special

Dec 27th to 29th             Holiday Camp Session 1

January 2nd to 4th         Holiday Camp Session 2

February 9th/10th          Winter Weekend Camp

March 1st to 31st            Spring Lesson Special

March 11th to 15th        March Break Camp

March 30th                      2nd Annual Legacy Banquet

April 5th-7th                    Can-Am Equine Expo

April 27th/28th               Spring Weekend Camp

April 28th                         Spring Clean-Up & BBQ

June 1st to 30th              Summer Lesson Special

July 8th to 12th               Camp Session #1

July 15th to 19th             Camp Session #2

July 22nd to 26th            Camp Session #3

August 1st to 11th          Camp Session #4

August 19th to 23rd       Camp Session #5